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Girl blames racism for not being able to order French fries at Taco Bell

Monday, 11 October 2021

 A video shows the second a passionate young lady has a breakdown and faults prejudice when she is told she can't order French fries at Taco Bell. 

The white young lady moves toward the counter and attempts to order a medium French fries, yet the worker tells her they don't serve them. 

She reacts by saying at Burger King they sell fries, and the server clarifies that it isn't Burger King. 

'This is Taco Bell, see?' the server says, highlighting the menu. 

The young lady then, at that point, says: 'The number of French fry orders do you have?' and the server reacts: 'We don't have French fries.' 

The representative attempts to show the young lady the menu, however at that point she goes to the individual shooting and says: 'This is prejudice at its f*****g best.' 

Someone else attempts to clarify that it's not bigotry, but rather that Taco Bell just serves tacos and burritos. 

An alternate individual then, at that point, says: 'You're uninformed as f**k' to the young lady. 

She reacts with: 'No I'm not, in a real sense I work with individuals who are a test each day.' 

An individual asks her: 'Would you go to Burger King and request tilapia or a taco? Check out the menu!' 

Individuals tell her that the café doesn't have French fries, and she says 'yet at f*****g Burger King' before she is cut off. 

The representative then, at that point, attempts to help the young lady by strolling her through the menu, yet the young lady says 'I don't have issues in my day to day existence' and afterward leaves the café. 

It is as of now obscure where in the U.S. this video was recorded.

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