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Lobbyist claims it's safe to drink pesticides filled with chems then the interviewer asks him to drink one

Friday, 15 October 2021

 Here is an illustration for lobbyists: trying to backpedal is significantly more secure than drinking the harm you help sell. 

The present illustration is brought to you by Dr. Patrick Moore, who has worked for pesticide makers like Monsanto, declining to drink Monsanto's item only seconds in the wake of guaranteeing it's protected to do as such: 

Some time ago, Dr. Patrick Moore was an early Greenpeace part. Presently he is an advertising advisor for the contaminating organizations that Greenpeace attempts to change: Big Oil, pesticides and GMO agribusiness, ranger service, atomic influence… any individual who provides the cash for truth-drinking sprees who seem to convey logical and ecological position. 

This is the best gotcha-second I've seen on camera since tobacco lobbyist Joe Bast, CEO of The Heartland Institute, had to recognize and once again confirm his disavowal that smoking cigarettes is terrible for your wellbeing, kindness of Lee Fang for Republic Report.


  1. Yep! I'm not a scumbag button paid for. Just like a tobacco people knowing what the truth is but would lie just to make a buck. Mercenaries! How low can one go for their mighty dollar. People like them should be charged for falsifying information and held accountable for lives people lost due to people believing in what these so-called experts are pushing.

  2. He sounds just like idiot Trump.