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Florida man forced by court to pay child support despite DNA test proving he is not the father

Wednesday, 20 October 2021

A man in North Florida is battling the state after he was told to pay youngster support in spite of DNA tests demonstrating that he was not the dad. 

Sinawa discovered he was not the dad after the DNA test was managed by a St. Johns County court following a guardianship question – yet the state's Department of Revenue pursued the choice since they say Sinawa has not appropriately endeavored to disestablish paternity. 

"At the time it had been removing $83 from my check, mutiple/3 of my compensation," he says. "At the point when I thought I was the dad I didn't disapprove of it." 

Sinawa is at present addressing himself in legal disputes because of monetary issues and has documented the vital desk work, however no time table has been set and it is obscure in the event that he will be discounted any of the cash spent.

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