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Comedian accidentally reveals he RAPED someone, live on a podcast.

Saturday, 16 October 2021

 Comic Brad Williams admitted to assaulting a lady prior to backtracking and saying he was kidding when he confronted a torrent of disdain via online media. 

A clasp from a webcast reemerged and highlights him gloating about assaulting a lady who thought he was another person. 

The previous evening Brad took to Twitter to apologize for the story, letting it be known had been a joke to make himself sound more clever on the digital recording and he had been "high" when he said it. 

On the Doug Benson show 'Getting Doug With High' Brad had spoken with regards to how he had submitted assault by misdirection when the lady he was assaulting thought he was individual jokester Carlos Menci, who he was on visit with at that point.

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