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Russian idiot drives into the airport

Monday, 10 May 2021


A Russian man who drove his car into an airport terminal and through a departure gate says he did it for love.

The intoxicated man rammed through the terminal door at Kazan International Airport late at night on Wednesday and drove around inside.

Video footage shows a battered car driving past the check-in desk and into a departure gate before it reached a railway terminal outside.

News website Kazansky Reporter quoted 40-year old Ruslan Nurtdinov telling a court hearing: 'I had to get on the platform. I was fighting for love.'

Nurtdinov said his lady friend was arriving at the railway platform, and this was his way to greet her.

In the video, police and airport staff can be seen trying to cling onto his Lada saloon as it drives around in the snow outside.

The motorist eventually ends up at a dead end in front of doors leading into the airport terminal with police officers all around him.

He then repeatedly rams a set of security doors leading to the airport's international terminal. 

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